A330 On-board Scheduling and Auto charging

1, Smart Cleaning design - Sweep, Vacuum, Dry Mopping
2, Extremely low noise about 50dB - Unique & precise mould design and compact structures make noise level lower than other robots in the market;
3, On-board Scheduling: It can be scheduled to perform up to seven cleaning sessions per week;
4, Dual side brushes make cleaning job more thoroughly;
5, One way transmitting Space Isolator;
6, IC design: Inspection system, fault error code 34 item. adopt adavanced core chip;
7, Cliff sensor: Cliff sensor detects stairs to avoid falling down;
8, Malfunction Prompt: Error code will given when malfunction happens, help to deal with malfunction problem;
9, Ultra-thin Design; Only 8.7 cm high, it can easily move under table,chair,sofa,bed and other furnitures;
10, Strong Barrier: It can easily climb up the carpets, floor of 2cm high to clean;
11, dual middle brush;
12, Automatically Recharge; The cleaner will automatically find charging docking station when in low power, after full charge, it will go on working;
13, Buffer Detection: It will either slow down for soft bumping, or completely avoid the object when moving closer to an obstacle;
14, Multi-model Cleaning; Auto,spot,edge cleaning,full go mode,scheduling mode;
15, Modular design: Exquisitely made, durable, easily to assembly and disassembly;