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Intelligent cleaner vs ordinary vacuum cleaner

Today cleaning robots BBS is going to introduce the difference between robot vacuum cleaner and ordinary vacuum cleaner锛宼o provide the reference opinion for user to choose the suitable products锛寃e mainly carries on the intuitive comparative analysis in the following three aspects :

Ordinary vacuum cleaner needs human control, it is time-consuming and demanding.Cleaning robot uses one key automatical operation, it is time-saving and convenient.

At present, ordinary vacuum cleaner on market mainly divided into three categories: upright, horizontal and portable. Whatever kind of ordinary vacuum cleaner you choose, they all need human control when working. And they all have their own weight, so it is time-consuming and demanding when use. However, cleaning robot, whether it is domestic or imported products, all used one key automatical operation. automatic cleaning and charging, and most of them have the function of scheduling working time. So the cleaning robot can automatically cleaning the house even nobody at home, and it will automatically go back to the charger base, it is really time-saving and convenient for users.

It is hard for ordinary vacuum cleaner to clean the bottom of furniturethe, and it is hard work for user to bow.With ultra-thin design, the cleaning robot can clean dead corner thoroughly.

Although ordinary vacuum cleaner is connected with long hoses to prolong dust collection nozzle working radius, when cleaning places such as bottom of bed, sofa and table, users need to bow down to help cleane. And the shape of dust collection nozzle reduce cleaning effect, it probably can not reach the scheduled cleaning effect; however, most cleaning robots are within 10 centimeters thick, can easily slide into the bottom of bed, sofa and cabinet to do cleaning, and can achieve bettter cleaning effect than manual work.

Ordinary vacuum cleaner has high power and big noise, it is power-consuming and noisy.Cleaning robot has low power and noiseless, it is both energy-saving and environment friendly.

Ordinary vacuum cleaner is in very big power, for ordinary vacuum cleaner, power is equal to suction power. Power under 1000w only portable vacuum cleaner, most straight vacuum cleaner is close to 2000w. High power represent the high speed of vacuum motor and big noise. There are seldom ordinary vacuum claner whose noise is below 80db, they will make big noise while working. However, cleaning robot is in low power, such as irobot roomba, its power almost 0w when it is not on charge, and only reach to 60w when it is on charge. The power consumption is the thirty of one of ordinary vacuum cleaner, and when it is working, noisy level only 60db, it is much quieter. However, with low power do not mean it is in low suction power, with special design of the cleaning, it can also achieve great cleaning effect even with low power.

Cleaning robots BBS has do the comparison above, but cleaning robot also has shortcomings. At present, artificial intelligence has not reached 100% perfect cleaning degree of coverage. At the same time, ordinary vacuum cleaner also has advantages, because it is impossible for cleaning robot to jump to the sofa to do cleaning. However, we can know clearly that with the rapid development of household electrical appliances and robot industry, cleaning robot will replace ordinary vacuum cleaner, this is the trend of household vacuum cleaner in the future. Ordinary vacuum cleaner will not die immediately, but the market share will drop year by year, and will fade into history eventually.

Eighteen Advantages Of AMTIDY Robot Vacuum Cleaner

1. Special Features: Three-section brush with double head patent technology, triangle side brush design, easily clean the room, including corner, table leg, chair leg, sofa and other furnitures;

2. Intelligent Detection: Induct the dirtier area, strengthen cleaning back and forth;

3. Preset Working Time: Can directly set working time, once per day, will working everyday, convenient and practical;

4. Ultra-thin Design: Only 8.7 cm high, can easily move under table, chair, sofa, bed and other furnitures;

5. Ati-fall Function: Automatically detects dangling function, no worry about fall down;

6. Automatic Recharge Feature: In case of power shortage while working, the cleaner will find the charger automatically without manual operation;

7. Malfunction Prompt: Error code will given when malfunction happens, help to deal with malfunction problem;

8. Long Working Time: The robot cleaner can keep working for above 90 minutes when in full power;

9. Low-carbon and Energy-saving: Intellisense cleanliness, will stop working if have not sweep any dust in 7 minutes;

10. Short charging time: Only takes 3 hours for quick charging

11. Automatic Virtual Wall: Can restrict the cleaning area, vacuum cleaner will not enter the area that is forbidden;

12. Strong Barrier Function: Can easily climb up the carpets, floor of 2cm high to clean;

13. Powerful Cleaning Ability: Hair, melon seeds, walnut shell can easily be sucked;

14. Multi-model cleaning: Spiral, random, along the wall, focus on cleaning, ensure that the cleaning coverage rate up to 98%;

15. Anti-winding Function: When stuck by wires, carpet or fringe line, will automatically revolving away;

16. Buffer Detection Induction: Can automatically detect and avoid stair and obstacles;

17. Healthy and Environmental: UV sterilization, HEPA fliter, prevent secondary pollution, make your house healthy and clean;

18. Humanized design: exquisitely made, durable, panel can be replaced, be closed to life.

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