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Thanks for visiting our website, and you're welcome here no matter you want to place an order or just to look Around. Hope you have a good time and don't hesitate to contact us should you have any question.

Who we are and where are we?

Based in China, the manufacturing center of the world, we are an intelligent electrical comprehensive high-tech enterprise, producing and selling intelligent household appliance. we are located in Xiamen City of Fujian Province, with convenient transportation and perfect supporting facilities.

With a total of US$ 900,000 investment and over 380 employees, our company includes R&D department, production department, sales department and general department. Each department has many subordinates function department. our factory is one of the largest intelligent electrical comprehensive high-tech enterprise in China. Our Average annual sales volumeis is US$ 1,600,000~8,200,000. Thanks to the high quality of our products and our nice service, the orders our Robot vacuum cleaner place with us keep increasing rapidly and we expanded our capacity several times to meet the demand from both overseas and domestic market.

Who will serve you?

We have a 20-person team and a 30-person team dedicated respectively to R&D and customer service, enabling us to design trendy products and respond rapidly to inquiries. Most of our technicians and sales consultants have over 10 years' of experience in Robot vacuum cleaner industry.

Why should you choose us as your best supplier?

(1) Technology-leading enterprise, also has a great competitive in the international scope. Because of this, over the past few years, our annual output of 200,000-400,000 intelligent robot cleaner , our intelligent robot cleaner 80% exported to Europe, America, Japan, Middle East, Malaysia, Taiwan and other regions and countries, branded products in Australia's Market share has reached more than 40%.

(2) Low back repair rate: our products have the clear distance between with similar products, our company has the product back repair rate down to 1%, while similar domestic manufacturers products repair rate is as high as 7% - 25%.Thanks to our company in the two aspects of technology and materials optimization, such as our products plastic parts are all made of high quality engineering plastic, wear-resistant high temperature resistant, while many similar product parts with plastic.

(3) Through more certification: In currently, the product has passed RoHS, CE, CCC certification and so on, ensure our product passage in demanding European and American market.

(4) We have rich experience exporting our products to customers in America, Europe, Japan, South America, South Africa, Korea and Taiwan, East South Asia.

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